WOPR Summit 0x01

What is WOPR?

WOPR Summit is a hacker con. A "Hacker" what? Yup, just that. While we celebrate technology and its oddities, we love and recognize the construct that hacking is a state of mind: looking at a system and seeing the abnormalities within it. Not just computer systems, but also societal. Hacking is as close to art as you can get without picking up a paintbrush.

What kind of content are we looking for?

We absolutely welcome the technical oddities within our CFP, but we also welcome anything else that can be twisted, skewed, made to not function normally, or just /dev/random.

Please, don't hesitate and submit to our CFP. Come one, come all, we'll see you this fall!

Thank you for your interest in submitting content for WOPR Summit 0x1!

Details about this year's CFP

Content Types

Panels: The CFC is open for panels to be conducted in-person. Panel ideas must be submitted with 2-3 sample questions and known panelists listed.
Standard Talk: This is a 55 minute talk.
Short Talk: This is a 25 minute talk.
Lighting Talk: This is a 15 minute talk.

Be sure to include a detailed outline of your submission in the 'Description' field.

Not including detailed information in the description will severely impact our ability to rate your submission and could out-right disqualify your submission.

Calling all Students!

Students, if you're thinking of submitting a poster or similar short talk, and you'll be 15 or less minutes, select the "Lightning Talks" option and let us know how much time you want (it doesn't need to be the full 15).

Got questions?

If you have any questions please email us at cfp@woprsummit.org, or post your question in the #wopr-summit-0x01 channel in our Discord server.

Good luck!